Read this article and discover the difference between cash registers and point of sales software! Which option is better for your business!

The truth is that businesses are always looking for better, faster, and more effective ways of doing things! Because of this, many of them have decided to get rid of the traditional POS systems or the cash registers. They adapted a new and a better technology known as Point of Sales software or POS software.

The cash register is a machine that records the sales transactions, gives change, and holds money. The POS system, on the other hand, is a digitalized system that tracks inventory, handles financial transactions, and records business information. Probably, the biggest difference between a POS system and a cash register is communication and efficiency.

For example, when a transaction is being made at a retail store or another type of business, the Point of Sales software not only records the transaction, but it also does a real-time tracking of every information related to the customer such what the customer purchased, or a detailed shopping history of the customer. If the customer bought a bag, the Point of Sale system will record the transaction, as well, as the tax information. And once the information is in the system, it is stored in a database where a certain company representative can access it when they need to.

One of the biggest challenges for today’s businesses is keeping the products customers purchase in stock. The bigger the business, the more complicated this process can become. The Point of Sale system can easily fix the problem by tracking the inventory.

This system keeps a list of every product sold and if it is necessary, a new order can be added to restock the product immediately. The business owners, managers, and employees can easily track which products are popular and which products aren’t selling so well. You can’t expect to use these options with the cash register.

In today’s market, businesses can’t afford to be unproductive or inefficient. These are another reasons why a lot of them are getting rid of the traditional POS systems and cash registers and transition to Point of Sale software solutions. In a long run, these systems will reduce administrative costs, improve efficiency, simplify record keeping, and improve the customer shopping experience and service!